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Blogger vs Casting Call on local TV

dancertv1-1024x788 So, I have a friend here who used to be in the news business for 20 years and it didn’t kill him. He ran for State of the Secretary of State and it didn’t kill him. He opened is own media company and produces his own weekly television show on local television, that too didn’t kill him. He won the battle with Cancer, ironically – it didn’t kill either! Amazing – he’s still has the Rick Dancer charm fans have come to know for more than twenty years in the news business.

While I was doing some catch up work on Facebook tonight, Rick put out a note and an asking for a casting call for his TV show RDTV as in Rick Dancer TV www.rickdancer.tv, which is scheduled for taping tomorrow for his December air date? So, I’m sitting here thinking with my hand under my chin looking at the ceiling and two computer monitors stare at me with an evil grin and stare like, I’ve been pinned by an idiot from the NSA in a covert operation, one is my laptop the other is another monitor keeping close tabs on the local weather radar as I start looking for a “light bulb” to come alive in my head as I think – viola, it surely did – It’s bright as a candle can glow from the North Pole on a Winter night, but it’s bright to begin with.

I’m thinking, My old friend Rick Dancer could really use some more of that “Rick Dancer – I thought you were dead mentality comedy?” Me thinks, I’d probably get fired before the camera’s start rolling! Now, I just wonder how his Co-Host Emma can rescue me from getting fired – hmm? LOL

As I think more about it – all the possible wacky scenarios comes to mind, one of them a favorite of mine, actually a pet peeve, it goes something like this, a local blogger gets conned into a casting call while blogging with a beer in hand, a laptop in another and a familiar face shows up and you utterly think, he was “DEAD?” But – on the other hand, he’s alive and I drop dead…, literally (not really, I haven’t signed my crappy death certificate, just yet.), but that was one of them, nothing written in cement yet, but plausible? Hmm, now I wonder just that would happen in reality?

So, I’m thinking, what have I got to lose? I’m still getting “conned” by the old friend and former newsman in a very good way, but hey, it could all be fun, while getting conned in a plausible way, what’s the worst thing that can happen? Getting stuck on the cutting room floor. “Sigh!” – Waiter, check please… rdtv2.jpg

Review: Rick Dancer TV

  You may remember him has a local newsman – for twenty years he anchored the 5 and 6 p.m. newscasts on KEZI-TV’s Eyewitness News, now known as KEZI 9 News in Eugene, Oregon. He left the news business to run for state office of Secretary of State, lost the election and fought a battle with Cancer.

Longtime Eugene Newsman, Rick Dancer, who anchored the 5 and 6 P.M. newscasts at KEZI for nearly twenty years is back in the limelight, after a strong battle with Cancer and a new business venture that is gaining some steam and momentum at the same time.

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