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West Eugene is missing a movie theater

When I woke up this morning, I noticed something missing in west Eugene – A movie theater or drive-in, mostly a walk-in movie theater with plush seating and armrests for your snappy cold drink.

It has been years since, the west Eugene area has had a bubbling movie theater, until the west 11th drive-in became the home to Fred Meyers, McDonald’s and Home Depot. The movie going times for those living on the west side of town has been haunted by it’s theatrical escapes of the movie going public.

Eugene no longer has drive-in’s, where you could pull up with a boat load of friends on a Friday or Saturday Night or with a cuddling date with the cute blonde you’ve been chasing since the high school prom has become the nostalgia of the past.

But – A warm indoor movie theater in West Eugene, would certainly curb the worries of those having to drive all the way to Valley River Center to Regal Cinema’s to their stadium style seating theaters with 17 screen to choose from or to Springfield across the Interstate 5 corridor to Springfield’s Gateway Mall to Cinemark and their stadium style seating or to their food court theater, which sits right night to food court, where you could see an already released movie for a $1.50 or so.

When, I was growing up in west Eugene as a kid, I’d take a walk to W.11th Avenue and Seneca and enjoy a good action flick on a Saturday afternoon or evening, rain or shine, snow or sleet, the movie house was the primary kickback of the day on a weekend, where families and friends could enjoy the company of one another at their neighborhood movie theater.

As the west continues to grow in a college town that is hyped about going to the 2012 Rose Bowl after a must needed win over UCLA at the recent PAC-12 Championship game in Eugene, the town is likely to become known as the Pac-12 Champions and more.

But, going to the movies on the Westside of town was a cherished memory of my earlier years in life – I hadn’t seen a movie theater in years on the Westside, it has become some kind of nostalgia of sorts. The same goes for the drive-in as well, that once stood next to the 4-plex theater in those early movie days, when the two were bubbling between choice.

Perhaps in the future of the movie going public of West Eugene would enjoy the luxury joy’s of a quality movie or two as the folks once did in their past time, before the life of stadium seating took the cities of Eugene and Springfield by storm. It’s a movie going pleasure to enjoy, but, it s vivid memory of a dream that could once become a reality later in life.

For now, that’s a wrap.