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Meteor breaks Congressman into skeptic

APTOPIX Russia Meteorite With the recent Cosmic events in Russia and in the United States this last week, it has gotten a Texas Republican Congressman in Washington, D.C., wants to hold a Committee Hearing next week in the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology stating the media overblown the existence of the recent events in Russia over the Meteor Shower there.

Congressman Lamar Smith of Texas, feels he’s skeptical that meteors from space, “aren’t real” to his own mindset as well as those that have some serious doubts about the existence of such meteors in the universe.

In what could have been the most talked about story of the century, a meteor struck and impacted the earth as it streaked 46,000 miles per hour across the Russian sky last week, while another cosmic event was reported less than 24 hour to 48 hours later across the San Francisco Bay area.

In relevance to a cosmic event, skeptics believe meteors aren’t galactic events in the nature, but skeptical in their own mind. The question is? Why would a Texas Congress man want to waste millions of taxpayer dollars to a congressional hearing on such a fact he knows that is real – but, instead he decides to make the questions of his own mind, that the laws and realities of space isn’t a known fraction of life on the most intelligent planet in the solar system, where human life is sustained as we know it for centuries.

Senator Smith feels the media is “overblowing” the event into perceptions of fear and coincidence to world. NASA and scientist has for decades have said earth could someday endure another devastating and engaging hit from a much larger asteroid that could once again wipe out the extinction of human life as it did with the Dinosaurs.

Remember as a young kid, while moving my late grandmother into a new house not far from where my parents now live, we suddenly stepped outside to lock the house as we finished the move for the day and suddenly, we encountered a a very bright green meteor from the south streaking by with a sound of a “whoosh” you would normally hear in a Hollywood movie with a stinging soundtrack.

I wanted to follow it’s landing site and be the first to discover sight of its impact site and location. But, the recent events in Russia and San Francisco, brought back the memories of the vivid day when I had a chance encounter with a meteor passing through the night sky in Western Oregon in the 1980’s or thereabout.

Human life on earth has so many strange experiences, I thought this was one of them – even if the Starship Enterprise or the Battlestar Galactica showed up as friendly’s from another world, it would’ve been a chance encounter to the future of space travel with a colony of survivors seeking a new life in a newly formed planed called, “Earth-2.”

Perhaps, Senator Smith needs a chill pill in reality? The underlying truth of the “Dark Skies” hasn’t befallen on the world just yet. Has my mind remains skeptical of the Congressman and his efforts to conduct a Senate hearing on such a topic, I’m still waiting for E.T. to warn us of the pending massive strike from a dangerous asteroid that could once again spell the truth of extinction of the human race on that has sustained rigors of human life for many centuries and more.

Like I said, I ain’t as skeptic as the Congressman, he just needs a “chill pill” to face the harsh realities of Science once again.

Fact, fiction or Reality?

space galaxy  You suddenly fall asleep one night, than, you wake up in something entirely different – something, you know nothing about or how you got there in the first place? Fiction or fantasy? Perhaps, both? But, how is it possible to jump from one moment to the other? What do we knew of the laws of physics and time travel? Is it a reality or a myth? Perhaps, we should be talking to a ticking clock to the past, future and present into the week hours of present day life – even the fabled “mirror, mirror” of choice?”

Rather, its feasible or a chronic myth? I often wonder what Commander and Science Officer Spock would say to a human such as our own species? “Wise, Captain, wise, but, not logical,” as he would stand firm and press the words of a Vulcan into prosperity of Vulcan knowledge versus human knowledge – bold, as Captain you would think? The aging Vulcan stands firm as a logical bastard – but, firm in his ways of life as a Vulcan.

I twitch at the fact, that science, hasn’t debunked the myth of time travel, as we know it through the virtual world of television reality and constant storytelling.

Imagination would have everyone captive, as the laws of the universe would allow us to think. In contrast, Science Officer Spock could be right? But, the boldness of science is yet to be determined and told from an Earthling and human perspective. The shroud of “secrecy, deception and red tape,” has kept the judgmental state of one’s mind into the altered state of shock – go figures, it’s only a matter of time, when and if reality will happen?

I remember fondly, after J.K. Rawlings came out with her Harry Potter Series, which became a notable to big screen sensation and in print as novels, the works of science was about to ant the myths of “Cloaking.” Strange as myth, but, is it possible in reality? The advancements of technology and of the great minds of science would have to put the works of Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and the greatness of Charles Darwin and Benjamin Franklin the father of electricity with his infamous kite incident would have to surpass the effects of “back to the future” tactics of time travel into prosperity of knowledge.

It would seem the great “masterpiece of minds and science.”  In reality, I would have to bet the odds of these men – who ultimately thought they could crack the most inspired myth of science in cloaking department? My bet would be another smart aleck answer from Science Officer Spock, would be – “Logical Doctor, logical.”

Simple treatment of branching out with a magic wand and the circular flick of a wrist, could spell the beginning of something so impractical it would have sent the world into a tailspin with the works of H.G. Wells and the time machine.

It’s okay to dare and dream – but, we often wonder, if the Battlestar and the Starship are realities of the universe? It’s only a matter of time, before, the reality of time travel is possible? Every Science Fiction Writer wishes his characters were the “real” Captain Kirk, Bones McCoy and the everlasting – Mr. Spock.”

“Somewhere, out there – they’re waiting for us to call home as the ships are fueled for the return trip to Earth and the lives we once had with those that have passed before us would once again be treasured as an important moment in our lifetimes – Spock once said, it was logical as a Vulcan, but, in harsh reality, Captain Kirk would sense it as a ploy where no man has ever gone before.”

Where is E.T.?

  “The colonies are out there – but, where?” That is the question people are asking about life in space. Not, exactly those on the International Space Station or “ISS,” as it is known, but, from another world, galaxy or planet is the “big question.”

Earlier last week, I read an article about “why, we haven’t heard from E.T.,” at this age and time of life on Earth?

“Is it truly possible that there is life from another planet or from another galaxy,” in what the NASA probes have yet to find, so far, in the deep reaches of space and beyond?

“I often wonder and REALLY wonder”, if the Colonies are out there looking for EARTH and the life and civilization, we currently live in today?

Such show’s has “Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Deep Space Nine, Babylon 5” gave us, the feeling that there are colonies out in the far reaches of space looking for a new home. But, in REALITY, we’d all like to believe, there is human life on another planted like ours and more. It is my belief, that one day the “discovery” will be discovered of a lifetime and many questions would follow with answers to be answered and harbored in the truth to the world and another world, that shares, the same ideals as we do here on earth.

It’s only a matter of time, when and if the truth ever comes into reality – as “Scully and Muddler,” once said, “The truth is out there! And, we shall find it.” We like to believe those find words of our fictional FBI Paranormal Investigators from the “X-Files.”

But, making contact with E.T., need to be succeeded first before the journey home becomes a total belief that we’ve made “contact with another world.”

I vaguely remember back in the 1970’s, NASA released a space probe with a golden record and recordings from our own planet for another world to intercept and find us in our own solar system and within the Milky Way.

It is my hope that someday – the reality of that space probe, will be found by those colonies traveling through space and our recordings from Earth will be heard by those traveling through space. “It is only a matter of time and the truth is out there!”

                                                                # # #

Science finds another “Earth” near the sun!

space galaxy “Houston, we have a problem – we’ve found another Earth type planet like our very own, miles away from home!” Imagine how, those enchanting words and the sounds of discovery would sound in Mission Control, if the mission were a live manned space flight, zillions of miles from earth in the far reaches of space, near our own star – the Sun.

The solar system is full of mysteries to be discovered or waiting to be discovered in the course of one’s expenditures of the stargazing scientist or the amateur stargazer looking for his or her extraordinary discovery to fame.

There are millions and zillions of planets surrounding our solar system and beyond. But, the one’s we are not sure about, are those outside of our own galaxy – the far reaches of deep space, which could be generations and centuries into our future, that we don’t know about.

The meaning of science is the meaning of discovery for all man-kind. I would hate to see the theory destroyed beyond skepticism and into reality. But, very few never seem to know the reality could exist beyond our own beliefs. Of Course, Science Officer Spock could be right and logical of his own theories and discoveries as a Vulcan.

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Is space travel next for NASA?

Have you ever wondered what life would be like in space? I’m not talking about those living on the International Space Station or as it’s known as the “ISS.” I’m actually talking about living IN SPACE aboard a ship in the far reaches of the universe and the zillions of galaxies that surround our solar system as we know it – the Milky Way.

I recently read an article not to long ago about a NASA idea of sending astronauts into space to explore the possibilities of long term space exploration without possibility of ever returning home to earth.

The idea sums up, an idea of sorts, as it does in the movie “2001: a space odyssey.”

Long term space travel has always been an interest to the human space race on earth. Everyone on earth seems to wonder what kind of life harbors outside of our planet, except for those that live on the ISS.

It’s a scary thought to live the remaining life of one’s lifetime searching the far reaches of space and visiting other worlds in our solar system and beyond. But, with the point of no return or possibility of ever returning home to earth means, one would have to be suited enough to take on the rigors of the job of exploring the heavens and the lingering cosmos.

The other day, I was watching a National Geographic Channel program about the possibility that humans are part alien and part human, perhaps, part humanoid as well? Now, don’t get me started with all kinds of wacky duck tales of “The Terminator” with ol’ Arnold and the story of John and Sara Connor’s.

Perhaps, it might be better of if those with feat for the late Gene Rodenberry’s “Star Trek,” might fit the billing a little along the lines with “Battlestar Galactica” as well.

I often wonder if we’re up for such a galactic of human space flight into the far reaches of space and beyond? It would take such courage and mind of someone to perform the variety of duty and honor to explore the fast images of space and our known galaxy – “The Milky Way.”

I wonder what that would mean to Muddler and Scully? If we were to go far and beyond the dreams ever imagined in today’s world? It could be so astounding than the video feed that was beamed to NASA, while the skip wrecked Castaways of the U.S. Minnow were stranded on a deserted island, with Gilligan, the Skipper, Mary Anne, Ginger and the Howell’s.

My late grandfather always told me, that the far deep reaches of space held one of the most important answers of life. It wasn’t only the heaven’s he said. “It was the creations of mankind that held the truth of the world and the birth of the human race.”

I remember the summer nights as a child we would lay out in the grass in front of the house at our family’s ranch and he would tell me stories about the universe. I had not forgotten what the world was made of during his story telling, each and every summer I had visited.

My boyhood days were yielded with memories of clear nights and tons of stars, which could be seen arisen high above the heavens on any clear night. I often wondered, if the stars were calling my name aloud to become what I am today? A writer. A blogger. And, a totally insane idiot that still dwells for the love of “Smarties” candy rolls.

It has become a priceless pastime to think the heavens have a strong meaning for space travel in todays world. But, the dangers of leaving earth and never returning home is a scary thought to digest among the human race.

One boy’s dream of living in space could become a reality in the near future of NASA or the world space programs merge together on one common and acceptable goal – peace and cooperation is the key ingredient to make amends and adventures in space travel a wondering reality of life.

Rodenberry’s, “Star Trek” gave us the looks of the Starship Enterprise and her crew as they traveled through space exploring the many reaches of space and planets they came in contact with during their travels.

“Battlestar Galactica” gave us what the human race and machines would endure for the safety of the human race, while the Cylons gave us the urge to see the that the “Terminator” was out to set the world to a extreme extinction of the human race.

They were only the perils of fictions in their story telling. Human space flight along with space exploration it can become a humane as possible. But, without a way home to earth, it makes the mission even more dangerous than the battle between humans and the cylons itself.

What do you believe in your own mind about the admission of one’s mission to the deep reaches of space and space exploration as a whole.

Perhaps – we may even find the real “Battlestar Galactica” or the starship “Enterprise” itself? I’m curious to what we will find in the far reaches of the universe and what could scientific finds would find us here on earth.

It’s only a matter of time before we know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

We’re only human in our own mind.