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The fall storm of 2016

In 1962 – The Columbus Day Storm made landing across the Pacific Northwest in the heart of the Willamette Valley of Oregon.

In the Fall of 2016, a typhoon from marched across the Western Pacific for the United States, making a stop in Japan onward to it’s next big gig – America and the Pacific Northwest! She packed strength along the way, it spiraled into a monster storm, but once it hit land in the Western United States, somehow, somewhere she lost her punch. The punch that was said to be dreaded with deadly howling winds at Hurricane Force powers.

The storm came ashore as an Atmospheric River as it marched across the Pacific Ocean to the United States West Coast – in it’s wake there was talk of a major storm to hit the Pacific Northwest as big as the 1962 Columbus Day Storm – instead, it brought on a EF-2 Tornado in the Western tip of NW in Manzanita, Oregon, it brought slough’s of heavy rain in it’s wake, caused widespread power outages throughout Oregon and Washington States, in the end, it was nothing more than just a lusty wicked wind and rainstorm that brought on some heavy rains and tons of wrath – but, not has much as forecasters thought in the first place or has worst than what it did back in 1962.

Forecasters had talked about it all week up until the storm got within battle range of the Pacific Northwest with Hurricane style force winds, which was clearly clocked at Mary’s Peak near Corvallis, Oregon with 100+ mph.

What amazes me the most, that people were looking at this storm to be the bad ass storm of Harry Potter and the wicked willows of death, but it didn’t happen that way, just a carnage of power outages and down trees and limbs causing all kinds of trouble in it’s path of destruction. I can’t fetch how things looked and went on the Oregon Coast, as I’m further inland beyond the buffer zone of the Oregon Coast range Mountain’s into the Willamette Valley.

But, I can say – the weather there along the coast was intense in someway or another. I have never seen seas crashing violently powerful against bars and cliff’s of the widening highways along Highway 101.

All in all – it turned out better than I had thought. I was prepared for the unexpected, but it never came, except for a couple loud thunderclaps and some torrential downpours and spots of heavy rain here and there, i.e., it was a storm within a storm and that was all there was too it.

It was more of a Bon Appetite style storm with the makings of the old food buffet chain’s of North Chuck’s Wagon or King’s Table at least the menu was spot on depending on who you ask – “it’s was a weather geeks world in the weather world of Meteorology,” as they say, perhaps the next one to come ashore would be a bit stronger and spot on?