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Novel time!

Its been busy lately. I decided to clean out my Novel Drafts folder last weeks and ended up, re-editing and formatting a couple novels that I had stored away for a while and hadn’t touched in ages! so, this past week, I ended up working and writing two of those ten novels that were in draft form.

Good thing, I’m making some decdent progress on both! Yah, writing is the habital form of addiction, I must say!

Breaking one’s own rule

blog pix5  Sunday night’s aren’t really writing or blogging nights in my household. It’s usually the kenneled night, where everything in its path is consumed until morning sunrise on Monday’s. But, there’s a little cheat here and there – this is one of them.

“Yes, I broke my own rule.”

Perhaps, it’s one of those rare saturated things, that doesn’t feel quite right to begin with. It feels, as if it was one of those nights, where a classic 1950’s comedy television show with the late Jackie Gleason amazes the audience the during the entire show before a live studio audience and becomes an instant hit with fans and those alike at home watching him on television.

The same goes has if it were, the same for Gilligan’s Island and the lost castaway’s, who’ve been lost at sea for ages, only to return to their native home island in Hawaii after being “rescued” at sea, many years later – only to return to the very same “castaway island” after another freak storm, that once again settled the castaways to the very same island when they first became castaways.

Speaking of Gilligan’s Island  – that eerie feeling is starting to somewhat feel like my Sunday night ritual into the fire pit. Now, that it’s Tuesday and Monday was surpassed it’s midnight mass of not even touching or being nearing a computer for that matter – the cardinal rule of blogging and writing was settled out of material witnessing of an encompassed storm of brainstorming for solid fresh ideas to compress into this blog.

It indeed seems to have worked with a wiseman’s early morning calling in a mid May morning calling, where the weather seems to be a little gloomy with clouds and possible showers or rain in the forecast – the percentage rate isn’t something of a grand slam from Phil Knight Park in Eugene to Yankee Stadium in New York City.

Perhaps, there was something better for the Chicago Cubs, than, it was for the Kansas City Royals to call and win the World Series? The Cub’s curse still lingers among “The Babe’s” legendary call, “they’d never win a world series to any fathom day in the history of baseball.” But, its still too early in the baseball season if the Cubs and the Royal’s could reach the playoffs and the World Series later this fall.

Too settle to it all, I broke the rules a bit, in order a nit pick with the words and to hack out the first blog post of the week – decent and no human bodies were ever in danger made it all worthwhile to do a sleuthing treasure hunt of sorts.

And we come to a close – I can now say, “that’s a wrap!”.

A working bucket list

Desk  I’ve been thinking about writing and producing another blog lately? But, as for topic and concept, I’ve had a few ideas floating around and haven’t given them much thought – but, those ideas are in the works, lurking to be brought to life.

My routine is simple – burning the midnight oil, where much of my writing and blogging takes place, while the world sleeps and parties on a daily and nightly basis.

It’s only a rule of thumb, “A Writer, Write’s, Always!,” as Billy Crystal’s character, “Professor Tyler” in the movie, “Throw Momma From The Train,” with Co-Star Danny Devito, would say, while giving a classroom full of aspiring writers all the elements of being a published Author, Writer and more.

However, when the elements of “Writer’s Block” starts to sink into the story – all bets are off, at least until it can be resolved. I haven’t yet cheated death with a working title in mind for the new project or should say – projects? But , I’m actually looking for some serious inspiration, that would likely generate  new and loyal fans and some much-needed traffic to my blog.

I was just thinking the other day, when I decided to look for another power cord/charger replacement for the Dell Mini, I knew this was going to be another one of those new beginning’s – where, I’m back into the fold after a long hiatus away from posting new material. It was always the distractions of life that kept me away from writing and penning a perfectly sound blog for my readers and visitors alone – life’s complications, sigh…. You can’t out run them or even hide from them, they always seems to find you, no matter where you are!

It’s only the merrier, where one could swing a broomstick at a wayward bat looking to settle into some new digs – at least, this isn’t New England. It’s perfectly sound to say, it’s the Pacific Northwest, a completely different animal, as if you were living in Stephen King country, where things are more frequent and hollow with Jack riding headless down Main Street in the middle of the night – the West Coast is just the opposite with Paul Revere still being chased by British Troops, while yelping as he rides down the heavily wagon dusted roads and trails of America, “The British are coming, The British are coming,” with the only clothes he had left on his back, since he left New England on a wayward mission to save and warn the colony, where my bucket list seems to be less rampant that cranking a dynamo light into the darkness.

Blogging the hard way

Trying to write a blog the hard way on a cellphone is a lot harder than one would thought possible. I had to improvise a way to manage typing on my phone without abusing the wreckless endangerment of my thumbs and the creakin’ of constant neck pain and more.

With my internet connection being a flake with my cable modem, this past week since the 18th of December, I’ve been searching for a way to post to my blog via WordPress. I had almost forgotten about the WordPress app that I had on my new cellphone and the bluetooth capability.

I discovered, almost by accident – that, I could now use my bluetooth keyboard, that I currently use with my Digiland 7″ Andriod Tablet to work with the phone and blog to WordPress.

How awesome for an improvised way to work, write and pen one’s blog to the internet with a just a cellphone until connection with the cable modem is fixed and back on the air!

At least for now, it suits the job well and works, in my opinion.

Not having to worry about the battery life on my phone while it is being charged, as I sit at my desk writing this blog post, the concept works very well to my expectations – however, it could vary among among others, who try the same approach.

In a heartbeat, it’s back to work writing again.

If The Shoe Fits!

Over the weekend, I was in the market for some new shoe’s. However, one foot was able to fit into it’s own shoe, the other was so fluid clogged it was a bitch mustering to make it fit as peanut butter and jelly with specs of grand olives and minced chives – it work with the added additions.

Just before, I went to bed the night before, I said to myself “pray to the fluid gods and ask for the swelling to lower down a bit, so I can fit my foot in the the stupid shoe.” I did just that.

At the break of daylight, the first thing, I did when I woke up was check the swelling in my foot and try fitting my foot into the shoe – “the magic,” of the prayer the night before worked,  it’s little wonders as I was not looking forward to taking then back to the place where I bought them and throwing the white towel into the ring to the grieving opponent of regret.

Grief and agony wasn’t my first choice – I wanted to win the jealousy battle of wanting to wear some new footwear and and enjoy the lasting smooth sails of of walking causally in new shoes and not having to worry about getting my feet wet, while water sipped through the cracks of my old pair of shoes.

Of course, it’s a winter need to keep my feet dry and my socks warm while out and about. But I’ve worn them for most of the day, so they can stretch and get the feel of  working my foot souls into a product that was looking for some much needed work in and out and at home.

Now, that my feet are bone dry and happy with their new home, let’s hope it’ll my life is a little bit easier on the causal walk during the highlights of my daily life.

Ciao and with a spice of Chow – my feet are happy and warm as a brittle campfire pit! Ciao!