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It’s September? Already!

Well looks like September is here? Just how in the hell did that happen? It’s still a couple of weeks away before the official start of fall starts in North America and the climate changes south of the Equator take change.

This Summer has been an indeed interesting hike all across America with wads of wet weather in the midwest, a late start in Hurricane Season, now sporting three major storms off the South Pacific near Hawaii and two more in the works they say in the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts.

Each day’s sunrise and sunset’s have made for some interesting photo ops of our sun as the wildfires burn out of control in the western portion of the United States – it’s enough to ring in some satire writing ideas for the working writer and bloggers in just about ever corner of blogosphere you look.

With Labor Day Weekend just a few tad days away and the ending of the Summer for the kids, everyone would be gearing up and getting ready to go back to school and hit the books, the lockers and score some new friends and enemies, but mostly friends to say – it all becomes the wicked ways of life.

More than thirty years ago, I once walked those haunted halls of my high school Alma Mater. Today, the high school is a completely different beast and animal than it was back than in the 1980’s – luckily, I came out with some good life long friends whom I’m lucky enough to remain in contact with today in my adult life.

Has I daily dish the thought of the past, I’m quelling the mist of the future as we dwell in today’s world – technology is far more advanced than it was in the past, information is right at hand in smartphones and or with the flick of the wrist in Dick Tracy style watches with an Apple Watch or the likes of an Iphone or other type of smartphone.

I’m garnering what the future hold for the month of September? Ideally they say, September is National Preparedness Month. FEMA is upping this years theme for NPM as, “Don’t Wait. Communicate. Make your emergency plans today!”

Which is wisely a very good choice to begin with to say. Preparedness is the key to survival in today’s world as disaster strike at just about every corner of the world, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornado’s, Heavy rains and flooding, just to name a few – who’s prepared and who’s not? Any time a catastrophic disaster takes place, no one is ever prepared to the unexpected, except for those whom have taken preparedness seriously with their family, neighbors and friends.

Banning together is the key to survival in today’s tech savvy world, packing survival kits is more important now than ever – since the article from the New Yorker Magazine was published earlier this Summer it has frenzied people to craze minded dashes to the hardware stores and home centers as well as to survivalist company for disaster and preparedness kits.

The Red Cross and Community Emergency Response Teams are rallying together promoting 72 hour kits, but more are advocating for more than 72 hours to more than Three weeks without such essential services after a major disaster.

One of the simple things to do is get training from the Red Cross in First Aid and also from you local Community Emergency Response Team.

Being prepared and getting your family, friends and neighbors ready would go a long way when the unexpected comes as we experienced back in the 4th of July, when Eugene and Springfield felt a pretty sharp jolt from an Earthquake that shook the Central Willamette Valley.

Be save, be prepared as you never know, when disaster will strike and it’s just a matter of time of when.

Cyperspace ate my work!

rants.pngSo this morning I sit at my desk with a hot cup of coffee at hand, I tap in my WordPress account and pull up my working blog draft from yesterday that was to be finished with editing and polishing, only to find out – cyberspace, ate an entire day’s work, that now has me starting from, “scratch,” once again!

Not the best of news, when your just waking up with a hot cup of coffee, the threat of rain in the forecast in the next few days and few days here and there for next week as well – nothing keeps me from bitching like an ignorant idiot from Mars.

Mars maybe a planet, but it’s also a candy bar of the same name as well in real life as well.  Perhaps, it had something to do with my writing naked blog that I wrote about the other day as a sign of revenge? If that’s the case, than I’m in some serious trouble as eggplant and brewed eggnog!

No writer is perfect in their literary works until they can save their polished and edited works before saving and publishing for all to read.

With a few shuteye’s here and there, I’m trying to juggle the magic with the cat in the hat and stirring the pot for some gold at the same time, which hasn’t led me to the jackpot – just yet. What a dish, I must say. It’s karma dully pinching her lofty twin set of large melon sized breasts in a rage to win the fight! Karma? We’ll all be damned!

In fact, the bitch Karma needs a name, literally – so, what shall we name her folks? I friend suggested, why not “Jay Jay?” Hmm, I’m thinking – she’s actually trying to get me to write, “porn revenge,” this morning to say – in fact, she is beautiful to say, but I ain’t naming names – just that she’s a one of my longtime high school friend’s and we’ll leave it at that.

In fact, the beast between Karma and the “Jay Jay,” idea would literally get me better sex from the high school friend than from Karma alone – hell, she’s a helluva lot better than that folks! Not, that it’s getting me into the urge of writing a revenge piece for the lost work that I had labored the day and night before, has created a pandora of ideas to get Karma back in the ass.

I know this ain’t Brooklyn or Manhattan, but sure enough the piece I wrote the night before was a legend of its own and has quietly left its mark in cyberspace and the vast troys of the darkness of the internet. Troy or not to troy, the fight will continue but, I’m pressed not to win the battle. Perhaps, this is the start? The real start of the fight, the battle to win the revenge game of the century – Karma is dully on the lam to praise her wishing well as the crystal ball she has held for many years seems to be getting a little dimmer with the lightning rod running low on it’s voltage – I might just have an advantage here to say.

To be continued at another time and place.

Blogging is like naked writing

Today’s blog seems like a strange turn of events – yes, I said, “a strange turn of events, well sort of.” I started looking at the computer screen, only to notice, it had been blank since six am in morning with nothing written on it until now.

“Writing Naked,” I thought was simply a cure for a spat of morning and early afternoon writer’s block and some folks may think, its sticker shock, when they hear someone is writing “naked or in the buff.”

Ultimately, there are quite a few writers who will do nothing but blog and write their daily blogs and articles in the buff. I remember in my early days of writing and blogging there used to be a blog somewhere in blogosphere, that catered to those who blogged in their Pj’s day and night, until their work was done. I don’t recall who did the blog or how it was started, but one blogger’s name stands out of the rest that I just can’t seem to remember to this day and age.

I can’t seem to figure the thought – if blogging and writing naked is any better than writing and blogging in one’s pj’s or clothes? It does shed the idea of not having to wear a dang piece of fabric for the fact, especially on a hot sizzling day when the mercury soars into the later and triple digits during the hot weather months your close stick to your body and more in sweat. I guess writing naked would make some solidified sense to say – even though, many writers work from their own home and home offices and writing in the buff doubles the excuse, well –  to write naked.

One writer told me during a freelance writing class many years ago, “that no matter how you write during while locked in seclusion in your home office or den, it’s how you write the content to be published, it doesn’t matter, if your writing in your tee-shirt, shorts, bra or panties, pj’s or in the buff, your material get’s written and published, polished, shot and shown on the big screen.

How they do it in Hollywood these days, is completely different from the casting couch with the producers, director or some other nitwit studio head – it all comes down to the content and how it get’s written in the writer’s room. Hey I’ve heard strange things about what happens in “The Writer’s Room,” but I ain’t about to guess the merits of between fact and fiction between earth and Tinseltown.

It’s a completely different playground when your writing blogs and freelancing other merits of work.  I guess, I’m lucky enough to write in my own office and in my own “writer’s room,” without the bulk of madness that happens in the wacky world of the a Hollywood, things could be different in New York or Chicago, But here in the Pacific Northwest – you might as well pick a tall Douglas Fir somewhere in the national forest overlooking the Willamette Valley strip naked and bust out the laptop and breakdown the six hours or so of battery like and write your heart out in the buff under the a shaded Douglas Fir!

Bon appetite, so write your heart out folks – now matter what or how you do it, as I said before, blogging is like naked writing.

Dreading life like Cheers

I sit in a quiet Starbucks Cafe in Downtown Eugene on a fall like Sunday afternoon, but, it’s still a warm summer day in early August and the forecast is well into the low 80’s, as the clouds move into the heart of the Willamette Valley from the Oregon Coast – the sun plays hide and seek, has the threat of thunderstorms rigs with the Monday forecast theology of weather fanatics.

I sit perplexed into a new world vision, as I watch the various walks of life go about their daily lives with their family, friends and the daily throngs of strangers craving their critical needs of java addiction.

I sit at a small table with black leather seating – watching the various folks come into the cafe and I ask myself quietly – “who are these people and where do they come from?”

Eugene, Oregon, may be a three college town with the likes of the University of Oregon, Lane Community College and Northwest Christian University, which sits on small parcel of land, it shares with the University of Oregon – perhaps, the famed fictional college of “Faber Colledge,” which once stood in for the University of Oregon, during the filming of “Animal House” with the late John Belushi.

Stranger than fiction, there’s a story lurking in everyone who walks into the cafe on a daily basis. This may not be the place where, “Harry met Sally” or New York’s Central Park – perhaps, it’s the closest thing to the “Central Perk Cafe,” on NBC’s “Friends” television series?

Something, really perks my inspiration as a Writer, when I sit in places like Starbucks, Sizzle Pie or any other free style java joint with free WiFi to the internet, writers and bloggers work the daily realms of information from the Super Information highway and the internet, which has become the tool of the trade as writers and bloggers look to pen their works from their laptop, netbook, tablet, notebook or their favorite napkin from the nearest napkin dispenser – imagination wrinkles the lines of terror and has it keeps the reader hooked to the story and more.

I seem to think, the real Cheers in downtown Boston, Ma., shares some of the same characteristics from all walks of life, as they revolve through the door of the most famous bar in America.

I can only wonder, what life would be like in Boston’s most famous brew pub, “Cheers.”

Please don’t tell me you never heard the name “Cheers” – right? Not even, Sam Malone or Diane Chambers? Go figures, “Norm” and “Cliff” would have fretted about the ego of ol’ boy Sam playing for the Boston Red Sox before washing out the Red Sox bull pen to the Detroit Tigers on a 9th inning loss to the Tigers on a grounded fly into right field, suited by Hawaii’s Thomas Magnum, P.I., who literally slugged it hard and fresh to snag the win for the Tigers in the 9th Inning against the Red Sox.

It’s only exceptional, life in Eugene could be much like Cheers – but, there is only one problem. Both cities are on opposite sides of the United States. As I leave my dreaded life of inspiration behind at the cafe – my writer’s nest only leaves me with random room and thoughts, as if Sam Malone could’ve taught Diane Chambers some much needed virtues of life as she began her stint as a Cheers bar fly during the Cheers for Season of Episode One – ultimately, it was just the beginning of a virtue gimmick to dish Diane on the seasonal finale, eleven years later.

At least Norm was right along, Sam Malone was the luckiest son-of-a-bitch with his first true love – the love of his life, Cheers.

The Daily Dish

OLD-TYPEWRITER_thumb.pngNo, this isn’t about food, the Food Network or even about food critics or reviews – no critics were hired to appear here on the blog to say.

It’s just the “Daily Dish” of blogging – the normalcy to say. This may be a new week, but the weather under the radar is going to be severe brutality with oven severe heat in the playing field of dreams!

“Yikes!” Not exactly what the doctor ordered to somewhat say – but, who can stop the pending mayhem of weather brutality? Mother Nature of course, but she never answers her phone! Yikes – she’s one busy Mommy!

I know we’re still in the month of July and I’m still thinking, “Christmas in July,” as well. But, it’s good to know that you can think, snow and jingle bells, some six months head of time. But, what does this have to do with my daily dish? Well, I can either vent about the weather getting crummy or I can rant all day about snow and Christmas in July – but, that would be an insane way to do a daily dish.

Dishing it is like cycling the Cascade Mountain bike trails inOakridge, Oregon or riding the Row River Trail in the heart of the Bohemia Mining District in the Willamette Valley’s, Bohemia

Row River Trail map

Mining District near the town of Dorena some eighteen miles southeast of downtown Cottage Grove – once a bustling railroad line between the town of Cottage Grove and Dorena and the Bohemia Mining District.

The 18 mile hiking, biking and multi-use trail under the “rails for trails” program, which uses old abandoned railroad lines a multi-use trails gives recreational folks another mean of leisure and pleasure to unwind after a hectic day at the office or their place of work.

Anne Rule, True Crime Novelist (Photo: KING 5)

So, My Monday Dish is all but random things of thought. Even with the news that True Crime Author Ann Rule, who wrote the novel, “Small Sacrifices,” about Diane Down’s and her children, whom she shot and killed one. Rule penned more than 30 true crime novels and more in her career as a writer, she was 83, her family said.

So, that brings me to a close for my Monday Daily Dish and my final thought’s about fellow writer and author Ann Rule. Ann made a big difference in the genre of true crime writing, she not only wrote 30 best selling novels, but she also wrote more than 1400 articles on criminal cases during her career, which began in 1969, with a brief stint as a police officer for the Seattle Police Department at the age od 21, Rule became the talk of the town and a household name among the fans of true crime.

And she was a frequent expert on the subject and more as many Law Enforcement Agencies often turned to her for experience and expertise, while she presented on the subject at numerous workshops across the country.

Not exactly a dent the genre, but a legacy that was told by one of the greatest true-crime writers in the world and in America. She’ll be missed.

And that’s a wrap on the Daily Dish.